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Rayda Oakley
Rayda Oakley's paintings and art works have been extensively exhibited and collected throughout the United States. Currently, she is designing jewelry, using her color and design sense to create jewelry made of semi-precious stones and other interesting materials.

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"Black Kazura Pendant"
Rayda Oakley
Black Kazura Pendant

"Cloisonne Sphere Necklace"
Rayda Oakley
Cloisonne Sphere Necklace

"Coral Necklace"
Rayda Oakley
Coral Necklace

"Heart Pendant with Blue Stones"
Rayda Oakley
Heart Pendant with Blue Stones

"Himalayan Sphere Necklace "
Rayda Oakley
Himalayan Sphere Necklace

"Kazuri Pendant and Onyx Beads"
Rayda Oakley
Kazuri Pendant and Onyx Beads

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